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The Original Polar Pool

For every professional or college sports team

If your team is still using old fashioned steel whirlpools, you’ll be amazed at the difference a Polar Pool will make for your whole team!

Cold water therapy has long been proven to help athletes recover more quickly from muscle stresses, strains and injuries. But traditional steel whirlpools require tons of ice, are difficult to clean and don’t have built-in temperature control.

The Polar Pool model is a totally self-contained unit – no separate equipment pack required! Simply plug your Polar Pool into a standard 110V socket, fill it with water and set the temperature. Polar Pool can be cooled to 40 F (4.5 C) at the touch of a button. Unlike steel tubs filled with melting ice, the set temperature on a Polar Pool can be maintained within one or two degrees for the entire therapy session.

100% Self-cleaning

One issue with the old steel whirlpools was the difficulty in sanitizing and disinfecting them from a variety of bacteria, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). A combination of ozone, salt water chlorination, mechanical filtration, antibacterial coating and a built-in sanitation monitor makes your Polar Pool 100% self cleaning. No disinfecting or daily draining required! The Polar Pool water treatment system immediately and completely neutralizes MRSA and other bacteria without a lot of harsh chemicals.

Imagine the time your training staff will save when they don’t have to spend hours hauling ice, filling the tubs and then draining, cleaning and disinfecting the tubs between therapy sessions. With Polar Pool, when one athlete is finished a session, the next one can step right in.

Polar Pool is totally portable

Fits through any standard doorway

When the ice bath therapy is over, crank up the temperature and let your athlete enjoy a soak in a hot tub.

12 therapy jets provide a soothing massage for aching muscles. Polar Pool is also the only cold tub that comes equipped with sound wave therapy, which increases the massage effect while providing entertainment for the tub user. Polar Pool plays audio tracks from any external source so athletes can listen to their own tunes while using the tub.

Every Polar Pool comes with an insulated hard cover, LED underwater lights and a programmable filtration system. Personalize your new Polar Pool with your team logo, company colours or any design of your choosing.

Ask about Global Spa Components and learn how you can plug your Polar Pool into power of the Internet.

A better way

The idea for the original Polar Pool was born when Boston Bruins head athletic trainer Don Delnegro began searching for an alternative to traditional steel whirlpools, which were time consuming and so hard to sanitize. He was also concerned about the safety of his athletes, who sometimes found it difficult to climb in and out of the steel tubs. Polar Pool was the ideal solution.

Since then, the Polar Pool has become the must-have piece of training equipment for dozens of professional and college sports teams, including the 2011 Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins, the San Jose Sharks, University of Florida Gators, Yale Hockey, Penn State Hockey and the University of Massachusetts.

Polar Pool Features

  • Automatic Salt/Ozone Water Purification
  • Customize front panel
  • Dead Sea Salt Kit
  • Chemical Kit
  • Insulated Hard Cover
  • LED Underwater Lights
  • Programmable Filtration
  • 110V GFCI Component
  • Solid State Cooling
  • Microban Acrylic
  • MicroPure Filtration
  • Titanium Coated Element
  • 12 Therapy Jets
  • Temperature as low as: 40 F (4.5 C)



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